Club Membership

Do you have an interest in buses? Then why not join the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society - Queensland's primary social and preservationist club for those interested in the bus industry.

Why Join Us?

Membership with the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society has many benefits, including the following:

Queensland Bus Magazine

The Queensland Bus Magazine is the high quality, 32 page magazine publication of the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society Inc. It is exclusively available to club members and supporters and consistently features detailed stories on the history of bus operators, body builders and industry personnel.

In addition to this, the Queensland Bus Magazine also details the latest industry news around Queensland and indeed Australia, plus exclusive vehicle delivery information from Australia's top manufacturers.

Here are the latest six issues of our magazine. If you are missing an issue please Contact our Editor

Other Membership Benefits

Other membership benefits of joining the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society include the following:

Membership Fees

Membership fees with the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society are based on your joining date. These fees are GST inclusive with renewals due on the 30th of June each year.

Membership Type
Join Between
July to September
October to December
January to March
April to June
Adult $65 $55 $40 $25
Concession $55 $45 $35 $25
Corporate $80 $60 $40 $20

Online Application Form

To apply for membership with the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society you can join by completing a simple online application form available at the following link:

If you prefer, you can also submit your application physically by printing and completing the following hard copy form.

Please Note: All applications received will not be approved until the next general or committee meetings (held monthly). Once approved you will be notified electronically or by mail.